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22 Years Ago Cypress Hill Released Black Sunday On This Day.

22 Years Ago Cypress Hill released Black Sunday On This Day.
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22 years ago today Cypress Hill had us insane in the brain releasing their album Black Sunday. Ask anyone this album is pure classic. I imagine everyone use to bump it on their cassette players during the hot summer days.
Cypress Hill, probably one of the most infamous hip-hop groups of the 90’s, released their album Black Sunday on a summer day like today in 1993. If you don’t know much about Cypress Hill I’ll fill you in. Cypress Hill is an American Hip-Hop group from South Gate, California. This certainly made history being the first Latino-American hip hop group to have a platinum and multi-platinum albums. Cypress Hill is considered to be amongst the main progenitors of West Coast rap and Hip-Hop in the early 1990s, being critically acclaimed for their first three albums. The group formed with Senen Reyes, Lawerence Muggerud and Louis Freese. They named themselves after a street in Southgate.
After Black Sunday was released it killed as number one of the Billboard 200 selling 261,000 copies in the first week. It also had the highest Soundscan for a rap group at the time. The album continued its success by becoming triple platinum with 3.4 million units sold. Black Sunday was a really interesting album because it’s considered a Hip Hop classic. Yet the album had a Rock & Roll connection with the creepy gravestone artwork on the cover and some of the dark beats on the album.
Songs on the album include “I Wanna Get High”, “I Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That”, “Insane in the Brain”, “When the Shit Goes Down”, “Lick a Shot”, “Cock the Hammer”, “Interlude”, “3 Lil’ Putos”, “Hits from the Brong”, “What Go Around Come Around, Kid”, “A to the K”, “Hand on the Glock” and “Break Em off Some”. In 2008 “Insane in the Brain” was ranked number 34 on VH1’s 100 Greatest Songs of Hip Hop. A couple of songs were used in various movies including: How High, The Addiction, Hall Pass and This Is The End.
So take some time to enjoy some beast Hip-Hop by listening to Black Sunday.

Here some of our favorite jonts.

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