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Ask Chonz
Would you like to book a session with Chonz? Learn about social media, radio, music industry, branding, record labels. Do you have a specific campaign you would like Chonz to work for you.

Chonz also offers DJing Techniques, DJ Lessons (if you would like DJ lessons online you must currently have your own DJ set up at home).

Would you like Chonz to be the voice your AD’s – E-mail – chonzvoicemyad@djchonz.com

You can book a one on one session with Chonz via SKYPE Or Google Hangout

{Rate: $50 dollars every 30 minute session with a 2 hour max session a day for one client.}

If you book a session and cancel without 48 hours notice no refund will be granted. If Chonz cancels a full refund will be offered.

Ask the question below, a response will be sent in 24-48 hours

Quick Highlights:

DJ/Curator – 23 Years
Bachelors Of Science – Music Industry Studies
Associate’s degree – Communication and Media Studies
Voted Top 25 Young Professional 2015 by Colorado Biz
KQKS Denver – #1 rated afternoon host/ Mix show coordinator
beatport.com – US Label Manager.
radiotunes.com – Music Channel Curator
Radio Bums Marketing Inc. – Past and Current Clients – Lowrider, Red Bull, Pepsi, Def Jam, Sony, Western Union, Seagrams Gin, Royal Blunts, Interscope. 
Voted Best Hip Hop DJ Westword
Voted Best Online Radio Show Westword
Proclamation City And County Of Denver

Can I Book A Session To See What I Need To Do To Get Radio Play For My Songs ? 5. May 2016

E.mail djchonz@radiobums.net let’s set up a date.

When we gonna talk business? – Zaybien Johnson . 23. April 2016

E.mail Me – askchonz@djchonz.com

do you advertise local artists? I have a group of Denver locals and they are slowly on the comeup. their first show got them mad respect for their rep around Denver. Here’s a link to their newest single (and if you can help us out contact me at luiskamo@gmail.com) https://soundcloud.com/elnelproductions/no-sleep-prod-metro-boomin 23. April 2016


Would you be interested in listening to my music? I would highly appreciate ot 23. April 2016


Hey there Chonz! My name is Jen, I write for the University of Colorado Denver’s online blog and would love to pick your brain about a topic I am looking to write about next. A quote from you would add tremendous value to students in our industry as well as give an extra shout out to you (Not that you need one). My contact e-mail is: jennverta@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you. 23. April 2016

I don’t recall if I responed to this or not.


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