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DJ Quik On Unsung Interview

DJ Quik On Unsung Interview
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When thinking West Coast, names that immediately come to mind are 2Pac, Snoop, and Dre. Another name that should come to mind is DJ Quik. A musician, song writer, producer, and rapper, Quik seems to have a long repertoire within the music industry. Though he hasn’t been extremely active in creating music, he’s been hard at work on his studio. Now that he has it the way he wants it, his focus is making it feel comfortable for artists to come in and record. He makes sure the “carpets are clean,” as he states in the interview.

According to Quik, he was approached to do an episode on Unsung several times, but he felt it wasn’t right. Finally, he felt the time was right to be featured in an episode of Unsung to clarify some misconceptions that were floating around. In the interview he also touches on the term ‘legend’ and how he tries to shy away from it. Interesting enough, we’ve heard of other artists trying to stay away from the ‘legend’ title. They claim it’s a label that gives almost a negative connotation and seems as if they are ‘old’ and done with music. It’s seen as almost a brand of no longer being current or relevant.

The topic of 2Pac came up, and Quik explained what Pac meant to him and his personal experiences with him. Working with Pac went by too fast, according to Quik. Because music came to Pac so naturally, he would be in and out of the studio before he knew it, and at the time, Quik didn’t know he was looking at a legend.

In his mind, he’s one of the best producers, and feels that some, if not most, of his work goes on unappreciated. He goes on to explain how he puts so many different layers and aspects into his production that a lot of people don’t get. He goes as far as to compare it to a Rick James track, that’s comprised of many different sounds and effects.

Among the music industry, including fans, some love Quik, and other not so much. That being said, he’s a staple for West Coast rap, and has definitely left influences throughout. His work will continue to inspire and will continue to contribute to what we know today as the West Coast sound. Check out the interview with Big Boy below, and see what Quik is all about.

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