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Dr.Dre Makes a Comeback with ‘Compton’

Dr.Dre Makes a Comeback with ‘Compton’
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Who knew it would take the movie Straight Outta Compton for Dr.Dre to be inspired enough to release an album after spending 16 years in the dark. Dr.Dre dropped his new album ‘Compton today. The album doesn’t really have anything to do with the movie except released a week before Straight Outta Compton is to hit theaters. It’s more of a remembrance of his days with N.W.A. in Compton and a comparison to where he is now in life.
The album is completely fire. For being a quick release the beats used in each song are dope, but are very intense and own more than the verses on top of them. There isn’t even one track that’s hotter than the other because they are this lower feeling style. Which is probably because Dr.Dre obviously doesn’t need to make any money on this album.
Now you know everyone had to get on Dr.Dre’s new album. There are features from numerous rappers the main ones being Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dog, Ice Cube and Eminem. ‘Compton’ has 15 tracks which are all complete quality.
The Intro is a very dramatic start to the album. It’s a newscast that talks about the history of Compton about racial problems and the crime. The first song on the album is “Talk About It” which features King Mez and Justus is a summary of how Dre’s life was a dream and how much money he is balling with. “Genocide” is the next song the album with a beast feature from Kendrick Lamar. On the fourth track “It’s All on Me” Dr.Dre replays his broke days when he had to borrow Eazy’s car. Skipping to the seventh track “Loose Cannons” Dre raps about being the shit and how he sacrificed a lot and how he started from the bottom before being rich. The rest of the songs tell a lot too but on the last track “Talking to My Diary” Dr.Dre pays a tribute to his dead pal Eazy and even though they didn’t speak for a long time Eazy is proud of him.
It’s an album that makes a great contribution to Hip-Hop. So get your Beats headphones out and turn up ‘Compton’.

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