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Happy 25th Birthday Soulja Boy!

Happy 25th Birthday Soulja Boy!
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On this day in 1990 25 years ago Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em was born. Doesn’t it just seem like yesterday he was 17 getting every person across the country turnt up every time his song hit the radio?

Soulja Boy was definitely an innovator of our time. Using social media sites Myspace and YouTube to make himself discoverable. In 2007 he released “Crank That” which was included with his first independent album and made a YouTube video which was a dance tutorial for “Crank That”. In a week of his video being posted his Myspace blew up with 10 million views. Getting him noticed by big record producers. “Crank That” which you remember was self-published reached number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 in September of 2007. “Crank That” stayed hot for seven consecutive weeks everyone and their mom was “cranking that”. The song was also featured on the Emmy-award winning HBO series Entourage. “Crank That” ended up being so popular for the 50th Grammy Awards the song was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rap Song but Soulja Boy lost to Kanye West’s and T Pain’s “Good Life”. Being a YouTube music prodigy, he performed on the first YouTube live on November 22, 2008. He continued to kill the digital game when he released “Turn my Swag On” which was his third song to sell a million or more iTunes downloads.

Today the artist is still relevant regardless of everyone saying he would be a one hit wonder. His second digital album released in 2014 featured an appearance from Busta Rhymes. He also featured on Niki Minaj’s promotional single “Yass Bi**h”. Apparently he came up for the hook while singing the hook while singing the chorus in a Vine video. This last Febuary he released his fourth digital album ‘Loyalty’. Also this week his new digital album ‘King Soulja 4’ is suppose to be released.

So maybe take some time on this Summer Day to “Crank That” for good times sake.
Happy Birthday Soulja Boy!

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