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Is Social Media The ? (Key) To Success?

Is Social Media The ?To Success?
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If the key emoji makes you think of DJ Khaled’s snapchat, then you’re already familiar with how social media has invaded the Hip-Hop world. Over the years social media platforms have been essential for artists to reach their fans. Whether it is a Facebook status, an Instagram picture, a 10 second snap, or a Twitter rant (No Offense Kanye) your favorite musicians have collected millions of views, and not without notice either. These posts have become the main source for sharing all things Hip Hop. I caught up with DJ Chonz to talk about how Social Media has been beneficial for him because he all know he’s King when it comes to social media. I know you’ve seen his Facebook Livestreams.
“Social media is a great way to create dialog, if that specific platform allows you to be seen. It also is a great way to test what your fans like or don’t like. This way you can create content they want to see. Allowing your social media platforms to be vibrant and appealing to current and new fans.” ~DJ Chonz
DJ Chonz isn’t no newbie when it comes to Facebook bringing in 47,000 likes on his like page alone. This success really adds up when he is able to bring in fans who listen to him on the radio and manages to push them into checking out his club appearances. Talking about club appearances and shows every artist depends on some sort of Social media to promote their music. Regardless if it’s mainstream artists like French Montana announcing his latest club appearance or Chris Brown teasing a new song. Even your local ticket hustler takes these platforms to his advantage. Although social media is good for promotion. It’s been a fact that sites like YouTube have screwed over artists on music sales. Rapper Dank1 had some insight on the matter.
“I hate it (social media), the internet was the worst thing to happen to an artist; as download and stream and people getting your music for free [has grown popular] . What’s the point of getting fans in other areas if they only want your music for free, but at the same time it’s good for promoting shows and concerts because you reach more people faster. It’s also a good place to keep in touch with people.” ~Dank1
Dank1 uses social media to push CDs and merchandise among his fans. Taking selfies with every fan that has bought one of his new hoodies. Lots of artists use their social media sites to promote their gear. Just look at DJ Khaled taking snaps of his new clothes available on his website or 50 Cent hashtagging his Vodka brand on on the daily.
It’s obvious that all this new media has brought out a new way of Hip Hop to exist but what do you guys think is Social Media The Key to Success?


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