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It’s Been 7 Years Since Lil Wayne’s ‘Tha Carter III’ Came Out

It’s Been 7 Years Since Lil Wayne’s ‘Tha Carter III’ Came Out
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In 2008 Lil Wayne dropped his dopest album to date ‘Tha Carter III’. This album was the most anticipated that year and it didn’t deserve when it was released. I personally remember the day ‘Tha Carter III’ came out my mom was all excited that it came out. So she dragged me into Hastings to go get her the CD we had to have listened it like everyday that summer. And to be honest, I think she still listens to that CD to this day. Anyway, just trying to make a point that that ‘Tha Carter III’ was we what we now call on fire.
It was amazing because before this album Lil Wayne hadn’t fully transitioned into the mainstream. So all the are songs are really dope and for the most part high end quality songs. Also, prior to the album being released all of the songs got leaked mid summer of 2007, by DJ Chuck T. Lil Wayne said most of the songs released weren’t going to make the cut anyway. After the songs were leaked Lil Wayne just decided to release them on his mixtape Leaked.
The album’s lead single “Lollipop” managed to top the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart for not one but five whole weeks. “Lollipop” is most likely Lil Wayne’s most successful single in his whole career. “Lollipop” features rapper Static Major. The second single released on the album was “A Milli”. It managed to reach #6 also on the Billboard Hot 100. “A Milli” had also been able to win a Grammy for Best Rap Song. There were suppose to be “Skit-like” versions with Tyga, Cory Gunz, Hurricane Chris and Lil Mama but they never made the final cut of the album. The third single released was “Got Money” featuring T-Pain. It managed to reach #10 on the same chart. The fourth single was “Mrs.Officer” featuring Bobby Valentino and it made top 20 under four weeks. I think it should’ve been up there with “Lollipop”.
The album was able to sell 2.88 million copies by the end of 2008. Also the album was certified triple-platinum by the RIAA. ‘Tha Carter III’ was most definitely the album that made Lil Wayne say “he was the best rapper alive.”

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