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L.L. Cool J’s Third Album “Walking With A Panther” turns 26

L.L. Cool J’s Third Album “Walking With A Panther” turns 26

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Does it make you feel old that American Hip-Hop artist L.L. Cool J was busting a funky rhyme for us 26 years ago today. L.L. Cool J was leaving his ladies’ for one with a big ole butt. Probably why L.L. Cool J stands for Ladies Love Cool James. Anyway, in 1989 Cool J released his third album on Def Jams Recordings. According to Rolling Stone in 1989 “He’s made Panther the best-sounding record of his career.” Which I wouldn’t disagree with, there isn’t a song in the album that makes you want to get your hand on the next button.
The album featured 5 singles “Going Back to Cali”, “I’m That Type of Guy”, “Jingling Baby”, “Big Ole Butt” and “One Shot at Love.” All of them managed to achieve success on the charts. The album as a whole was able to achieve peak the charts at number six on the billboard 200. “Walking With a Panther” also spent four weeks on the Top R&B /Hip-Hop Albums chart at number one because you know everyone was cruising with “Going Back To Cali” on repeat everyday that Summer.
During this album Cool J was working as his own producer for the first time alongside Dwayne Simon. He really did do a sound job creating a variety of sounds for each of the different tracks. Which makes the album have that funky flavor that keeps everyone in a hype mood.
A lot of the rap community at the time didn’t like “Walking With a Panther” and criticized the album as being too commercial and materialistic and for focusing too much on love ballads.
L.L. Cool J disses other rappers bad in his two songs “Droppin’ Em” and “Clap Your Hands”. I say bad because he doesn’t even wait to get into the album “Droppin’ Em” is the very first track on the album. In the song he calls himself “the lord of rhymes” and goes on to rap “your rhymes suck, you made a record on potluck.” I imagine the MCs got sick of Cool J’s cocky style real quick. And honestly one song would have been enough to get his point across but he goes at it again in his single “Clap Your Hands” by saying “I rhyme like Superman, you rap like Jimmy Olsen.” Then he gets cocky enough to spit “I’m so bad, I can suck my own d!*k” It makes it quite obvious why the other rappers were hating on the album.
Yet if it weren’t for L.L. Cool J’s style he would have never been one of the first hip-hop acts to achieve mainstream success. So take some time to listen to “Walking With a Panther” and remember what good rap sounds like.

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