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Largest TSU Merchant Transaction

Tsu Money Pays For DJChonz.com New Website

The seeds of Tsu entreprenuership began to take root just days after the platform launched in October of 2014. At first, users began marketing their original content to other users who frequented the network. In return, they received a portion of the daily ad revenue from the traffic their unique content created.

As the platform continued to grow, capturing larger global audiences with their unique social network and payment platform, the opportunity for individuals and businesses to capitalize on marketing their products and services grew with it.

From handmade crafts and paintings to original art and professional services, Tsu users have capitalized on the ability to sell their products and services globally. These transactions occur through peer to peer transfers from money earned on Tsu through the sharing of original content.

On April 22nd 2015, a Denver cold pressed juicery and Bicycle Store named Bambu Cycles announced that they officially began accepting Tsu payments for their juice products. This announcement was a significant step towards solidifying the platforms real world merchant applications.

The May 1st launch of the 3rd party website TsuMarket.com, an online directory of Tsu businesses and organizations, helped to connect tsu users with merchants that have a presence on the network.

By June 1st, the largest merchant transaction using Tsu cash occured between two well known ‘tsuvians’. DJ Chonz, a popular dj from Denver, Colorado and Bryan Daugherty, a web developer from Maine.

The two connected through the Tsu platform and created a $500.00 Tsu transaction for web design work for www.DJChonz.com.

Tsu Payment for servicesOver the course of a couple weeks, the two users collaborated on and off the platform while the website underwent a complete redesign which included making it a mobile-responsive, subscription based membership website where fans could choose to access the free and premium content that DJ Chonz regularly provides.

Check out DJChonz.comTo pay for the design services, DJ Chonz who has already eclipsed the $1500.00 in Tsu lifetime earnings, saved his daily user monetization credits for the month of May. A month in which he earned a total of $765.81, simply for sharing his content on Tsu.

The transaction between Bryan and DJ Chonz is just a glimpse of what is yet to happen on the TSU happen platform. As more users start to join TSU and earn globally, this will give users freedom for similar types of transactions to happen regularly. To date there is not transaction fee for peer to peer payments, such as pay pal where there is a transaction fee.

Not on Tsu, join today and begin being compensated for the content you create! Be sure to Follow Bryan Daugherty & DJ Chonz by using the links below:

Bryan Daughertyhttp://tsu.co/BWDaugherty
DJ Chonzhttp://tsu.co/DJChonz

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