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Lil Rob Live in Denver Tonight June 26th

Lil Rob Live in Denver Tonight June 26th
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Rap fans of Colorado rejoice Chicano Rapper Lil Rob will be live in Denver tonight at The Roxy Theatre. Lil Rob probably one of the great Chicano Rappers of all time and will definitely be bringing a good time with this concert. Sure to be “one of those summer nights”.
Lil Rob has dominated as one of pioneers of Chicano Rap releasing everybody’s favorite jam ‘Summer Nights’. He got his start in Hip-Hop by break dancing as a child. Lil Rob started rapping in the studio when he was 16 years old, and has been tearing it up ever since. In the early 90’s he started performing under Lil Rob & The Brown Crowd and recorded a single “Oh, What a Night”. Rob has collaborated with fellow Chicano Rappers Mr.Shadow, Mr.Sancho & OG Spanish Fly and with mainstream artists Paul Wall, The Game, E-40 and Pitbull. Lil Rob eventually left Low Profile Records and signed to Upstairs Records. He was able to go big with the release of his album Twelve Eighteen pt. 1. The album featured his single “Summer Nights”. Which for the first time in his career was able to receive national airplay. “Summer Nights” ended up being #36 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #13 on the Hot Rap Tracks chart. It’s probably one of the best Chicano rap songs because when you’re driving in your low-low on a hot day it puts you in such a good mood. He had another single to “Bring Out The Freak In You” which rose up to #20 on the Hot Rap Tracks.
One of my favorite things about Lil Rob is that he’s Chicano Rap till he dies. He knows who he is and isn’t going to change for anyone but at the same time doesn’t hate anyone for what they are. He sings a lot about that in his song ‘I’m Still Here’.
Also performing during the night includes Dank 1, Neeko, So Real, P.A.C., Bugsy, Crazy Joe, Env and Johnny Angel. DJ Simes Carter will also be in the mix.
It will be a great concert if you like Chicano Rap music. And make sure to check out Lil Rob on Instagram @TheRealLilRob.

Denver Colorado Friday June 26th!!!!

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