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Method Man’s “Meth Lab” To Drop In August 2015

Method Man’s “Meth Lab” To Drop In August 2015
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It seems as though Method Man has been hibernating for a long time. It’s been more than a decade since his last solo album, and we haven’t seem much from the Wu-Tang member since, except some features and other small projects. The new album entitled The Meth Lab is set to release on August 21, 2015.

According to a press release as stated by Spin.com , “the 17-track record features production work from Ron Browz, Allah Mathematics, J57, and 4th Disciple, and will showcase guest spots from Redman, Raekwon, Hanz On, Streetlife, and Inspectah Deck.”

The trailer to the album is a violent one, and it’s clearly inspired by the pop culture phenomenon, Breaking Bad. The 35 second clip showcases Method and two other men as they invade the RV meth lab. Presumably, the characters in the RV are Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, The three men violently take the RV to claim it as their own meth lab.

The lead single to the album is “The Meth Lab.” The track can be heard in the background of the video and can be purchased on iTunes before the albums drops. The track features Hanz On and Streetlife, and seems is reflective of Meth’s style. The track is an obvious metaphor for music. In this case, meth being Method Man’s music and style.

It’s evident that “cooking” is symbolic of rapping, and at one point the track breaks down into spoken dialog stating, “think you can stop me from cooking?” Though Meth has been in hiding for some time now, nothing can stop him from rapping, and perusing his music career, or in other words, nothing can stop him from cooking. We can see the meth lab is Method Man’s studio, where the cooking happens, and “The formula [is] highly addictive” as the song states. An addictive formula is necessary to serve these ‘rap fiends.’

This song, and perhaps the album in its entirety, could be a new side of Method Man. We could potentially see more of his personal struggles as well as business obstacles that he’s had to overcome. Another spoken dialog in the song talks about trust, “lets talk about trust, I told you not to cook my recipe…” Meth has had business issues mainly revolving around the Wu-Tang management and Wu-Wear. He’s also faced some legal problems including drug charges and tax evasion charges. Though he’s known for his music, he’s had other ventures also. You may remember a sitcom staring Method Man and Redman called Method and Red. The sitcom was short lived, and since the beginning, Method wasn’t totally immersed in the idea of the new sitcom because of television network discrepancies. We may see a lot of these issues come up in the new album.

We’re excited for the new music and to see what new material Meth is coming up with, and until the album release, we’ll be bumping the single, “The Meth Lab.”

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