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Silento – Watch Me (World Wide)

Silento – Watch Me (World Wide)
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Undeniably, one of the summer’s most requested songs and one of the songs that has gotten unbelievable amount of attention on social media, “Watch Me” by Silento. If you haven’t heard this track yet you’ve probably been living under a rock!

Since uploading the track to YouTube, it’s gotten tens of millions of views. Silento originally uploaded the track in January of 2015, and from that he landed a record deal with Capitol Records which released the song as his debut single. The track was also accompanied by a music video, not to be mistaken by the hundreds of videos online where people are dancing to the track.

In an interview with Radio.com, Silento mentions he came up with the song in school. This youngster is barely old enough to drive and has landed an insane amount of fame off of this track. In the interview, Silento explains how he’s seen celebrities dancing to the track, like Usher and Bugs Bunny. After repeating it to his peers and noticing the catchiness of the track, Silento knew he had to capitalize on this idea. From there, he decided to make a song out of it and consult with Bolo Da Producer. The track then became the most recognizable song of the summer.

Social media had a huge influence on this track. Silento touches on the subject when he says that he would re-post people dancing to his track to “show them love.” Countless YouTube videos and Vines were created with the track, which undoubtedly helped build the popularity of the song. Here in the United States, the track reached number three on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

We’ve seen so many one-hit-wonders (you know who they are), and especially with a dance track like this one, it’s hard to envision something else coming from the artist. Is this all we’re going to see from the Atlanta-based rapper, or does he have something more to bring to the table. For the time being, we’ll continue to see videos of celebrities, cartoon characters, and even animals dance to this track as we scroll through our social media.

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