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Snow Tha Product Live At Summer Jam XVIII

She’s the only Latina American rapper to be killing the mainstream right now. Snow Tha Product has 2 hot mixtapes and 1 independent album making her quite the rap sensation. Snow Tha Product will be performing for the very first time at KS107.5 Summer Jam XVIII Friday, June 12, 2015. To bring her real rap style to the mile high. Snow is naturally a hit in Colorado with her collaborations with Strange Music artists Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko. Strange Music is very popular with all age groups in Colorado.

Snow is literally a rap princess wanting to originally call herself Snow White The Product but couldn’t because of copyright issues with Disney. Although that doesn’t stop Snow Tha Product from being that inspirational princess figure. Being the only Mexican female rapper hot in the game is a big deal. It shows anyone can make in the rap game, but more specifically women. You see a lot of female singer but very few female rappers. Snow only fits in the rapper category and she raps as hard as any of male rappers out there. Snow knows that girls are looking up to her for inspiration so she always keeps it real all the time. You will always see Snow only flowing her music on stage in jeans and a t-shirt because she doesn’t need to sexualize herself to sell her music. Snow Tha Product has been keyed for the term “She ain’t no cookie cutter b*****” because is always herself and not putting a show on for everyone. Which is why she is an inspiration to women everywhere letting them know it’s okay to be themselves.

As far as her musical career Snow has grown a lot since I first seen her perform in a small bar in back in 2013. She had already released her hits “Drunk Love” and “Holy Sh**” in 2011. Then she released her mixtape “Good Nights & Bad Mornings” which is what she was performing on her Fight to Unite tour. Every song she had was really energizing and had everyone singing along. 2 years later I saw her perform at a concert venue in Greeley last summer for the F*** Your Plans Tour. She had released her second Mixtape “Good Nights & Bad Morning 2: The Hangover” which features Cali Luv and Cookie Cutter B****es. I thought it was amazing to see her still show love to small towns when had gotten to meet Snoop Dog and other actual rappers. The main change I found from the first concert to the second one was that her rapping had cleaned up a lot as far as how it flowed and sounded. Other than that she was still doing the same thing getting everyone to have a good time.

The best part about Snow Tha Product is she cares about her fans. Snow released on her Instagram @SnowThaProduct that there will be no V.I.P. packages and she will be meeting all her fans at her The Rest Comes Later Tour which brings her back to Denver the month after Summer Jam. It will be exciting to see what Snow will bring to KS107.5 Summer Jam in June.
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