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The Game – The Documentary 2

The Game – The Documentary 2

The Game - The Documentary 2

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Power 106 got a chance to meet up and chat with The Game at the BET awards. Though a lot of his projects lately haven’t gone mainstream he’s definitely staying busy with movies, music, and other ventures.

It’s no secret that Game has had his legal issues. One of the most interesting happened in 2011 when he sent out a Tweet to his 580,000+ followers about an internship. In the Tweet he gave a number for those interested to call – it was the emergency number to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. The lines jammed up for hours and Game was facing charges of ‘obstruction of justice’, but those charges were dropped and Game publicly apologized. Though Game’s legal issues range from gang affiliations to altercations with other artists, and even assaulting fans, it seems that those legal issues are coming to a standstill as he focuses on his music.

His last studio album was released back in 2014, Blood Moon: Year of the Wolf. Though the album reached up to number seven on the Billboard 200, it got mixed reviews (most of them negative) from music critics. In the interview with Power 106, Game talks about his new album, The Documentary 2, that is set to release this year. On the album, we can expect to see features like Drake , Dej Loaf, and Keisha Cole. When asked who else we can expect, Game sidetracked the question. We’re not sure if that was done intentionally to keep the features a surprise or if there’s other intentions for not answering the question.

One thing for sure is that we might see Dej Loaf in other tracks since we saw her in the first single to the album, “Ryda.” Another certainty is that we’ll see Drake on the album. Not only are they neighbors, as Game states in the interview, but he just released the second single to the album, “100” which features Drake.

Aside from music and other business and entertainment ventures, The Game is busy being a dad and family man. We’re excited to see what the new album will bring, and what kind of vibe and style we’ll see from Game since his last album.

Check out the interview with Power 106:

Check out the audio to “100” featuring Drake:

Check out the music video to “Ryda” featuring Dej Loaf:

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