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VIDEO: How Funny Was Drake Last Night?

VIDEO: How Funny Was Drake Last Night?

Incredible night for the city! 6th Annual in the books. Thank you.

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The Drake and Meek Mill beef isn’t going away anytime soon and we really it hope it doesn’t, because it is hilarious beyond a doubt. So last week we had Drake make two dope diss tracks against Meek and one god awful reply track from Meek Mill. Well, you won’t believe what Drake did when he took the stage Monday night at Ovo Fest. Which happens to be Drake’s annual hometown celebration. Drake came out wearing a “Free Meek Mill” T-shirt from when the rapper was incarcerated. That wasn’t even the worst part, though there was a slide show of memes made by fans mocking Meek Mill’s defeat on the big screen behind him. This went on while he performed his two diss tracks “Charged up” and “back to back”. This was honestly the best comeback to Meek Mill claiming Drake has a ghost writer. Which in all honesty, I think it had more to do with Meek Mill being jealous of Drake over his rap queen girlfriend Niki Minaj who are still together regardless of the rumors of them breaking up trended on Twitter. Which was confirmed by Nicki Minaj with a cute picture of the two on her Pink Print Tour posted on her Instagram. After the show dissing Meek Mill didn’t stop at the show. Drake took to Instagram to post a picture of Will Smith, Kanye West (Who performed alongside Drake) and himself. Which was captioned “incredible night for the city! 6th Annual in the books. Thank you.” Which, whatever joke they were laughing at must of been pretty funny because Drake looks like he’s going to start crying how hard he is laughing. Kanye and Will are laughing just as hard with all three of their teeth showing. Also, there is a video that surfaced that shows all of them most likely laughing Drake’s meme stunt was. It will be pretty interesting to see what is up next in the Drake Vs Meek Battle, because last night Meek Mill posted a picture on Instagram that was captioned “Gotta clean my teeth b4 I talk dirty….” which was either a hint for what is next or just one of the 50 advertising companies that have been using the beef for their benefit. Guess only time will tell. Make sure to follow Drake @champagnepapi and @MeekMill to stay up on this rap beef.

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