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VIDEO: Tyga – Stimulated

VIDEO: Tyga – Stimulated
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Guess who got her first music video appearance? Reality tv star and model Kylie Jenner has made her way into the music video world. Making an appearance with her oh so hot boyfriend Tyga’s music video “Stimulated”.
The video is pretty dope and incredibly classy for a couple music video that mentions penetration and even for the Kardashians’ known style. Did you ever see “All Eyes On You” by Meek Mill & Nicki Minaj or “Bound 2 You” by Kanye West & Kim Kardashian? Both Nicki and Kim are found half naked and oversexualized. Yet in “Stimulated” Kylie is just fashionably casual wearing a white shirt covered with a green jacket and some classic blue jeans. Kylie didn’t need to show no skin to “be hot with no pepper”.
The music video is one of the many ways Tyga and Kylie have made it official in the media world that they are a thing. The two haven’t really made an effort to hide the fact that they are dating by being caught out in public going on various trips including Disneyland. When asked by various sources they lied because obviously Tyga would of went to jail if they said they were hooking up. Yet everyone knew and no one even did anything about it. So should that law, even still exist if everyone just ignores it?
With “Stimulated” Tyga is trying to point out that they’ve been a happy couple this whole time and the two have even been “getting richer” together. He raps “They say she young/I should have waited/She’s a big girl, dog, when she’s stimulated.” Summing up the fact that he “penetrated” Kylie before she was legal and everyone’s got to deal with it.
In the video the two can be found being all cute and happy when Tyga isn’t reading rhymes from his notebook or smoking a joint on the stairs. The green car she pulls in up is pretty dope too.
As far as anyone is concerned, they make a cute couple and people should just leave them alone.

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