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AUDIO: 50 Cent – Get Low ft. Jeremih, 2 Chainz & T.I.

50 Cent – Get Low ft. Jeremih, 2 Chainz & T.I.
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50 Cent is back in the game with his hot new single Get Low. Predicted to be the hit everyone will be playing on there radio this summer. The song featuring Jeremih, 2 Chainz & T.I. has us in the strip club dropping low. The new song Get is a foreshadow for what is to come for 50 Cent’s new album Street King Immortal. Get Low was released 2 days ago on @50cent ‘s Instagram, with a picture of the single’s album cover and the hashtags #SMSAUDIO #EFFENAUDIO and #FRIGO. #SMSAUDIO references his headphones’ brand Studio Master Sound. And #FRIGO refers to the male underwear company that 50 currently has a deal with. he album cover just appears to be a concrete wall with a drop shadowed sort of title.

As far as the goes it which is actually pretty decent begins with a catchy verse “Says she want a stunner” from Jeremih which follows with “get money drop it down” I figure that means they aren’t taking anyone home with them and them strippers better be getting to work. The next verse with 50 Cent talks about how he blows his money on strippers and never gets any sleep which we can assume is because he’s at the strip club and not because he is making money. 2 Chainz comes in just flowing about having drinks at the bar. While T.I. actually describes what’s going on with his lesbian women. The song is obviously one of those typical rap songs that is suppose to make you get turnt up. 50 was obviously going for a quick radio hit which will take what we can get because who doesn’t love 50 Cent. Also it’s great to see 50 finally make an official start on his album Street King Immortal which he had already had several false starts. Hopefully the long-awaited album will be worth the wait but for now we can enjoy this summer radio hit Drop Low.

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