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A couple months back, my group, The FAMM (www.focusonthefamm.com) and I were in Austin, Tx for SxSW 2015!! And although we were hyped to be invited to perform at our first showcase, we were completely unaware of the talent we would come across from our own back yard.

          We were booked by SpokesBuzz out of Fort Collins, CO to perform at a Colorado Showcase, however I had never heard of any of the other artists performing so I was eager to hear some new ish. As we’re getting ready to perform we stood and watched the act right before us and as usual we were front and center to show respect and to listen. What we heard was not only unexpected but soulful, modern and refreshing!

            If you have never heard the name CRL CRRLL (www.crlcrrll.com) before you would be doing yourself an injustice by not looking him up immediately. Best described as soulful RnB with a modern wavy almost trap twist. He performed multiple tracks and played live beats but it wasn’t until i heard a song called 2 am that I instantly said “damn that boy killin shit!”

His super wavy style and energetic performance captivated the crowd like hypnosis. To be straight up, it was just dope music. If you’re familiar with the Denver music scene you know that when it comes to hip hop and RnB, theres a lot of poop to sift thru. CRL CRRLL is not poop. He is like nothing you have ever heard before from a Colorado artist. The song “2 am” can be found on his latest EP “Ghost” which dropped in early March. He is set to be dropping a 2nd EP entitled “Wave” that comes out late this summer, followed by a full length album called “Ghost-Wave”. While he has no shows on deck as of now, you can follow him on his bandsintown link: Here 


              We got a chance to meet Mr. CRL CRRLL after his set and talked with him a bit, only to find out what a piece of shit he really was. Just kidding of course. He is as down to earth and humble as you could ask for. We chopped it up for a minute, congratulated him on a great set and for the excitingly refreshingly new sound. We copped a couple cds and hopped on stage with even more excitement than before.

               Most of us in Colorado, at least Denver I’ve found, are not from here. We are transplants and as such, we bring a lot of outside influence to the city and state. You would be shocked and delighted to see what Colorado has in store for the world in the coming years!

Make sure you follow CRL CRLL:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CRLCRRLL?fref=ts

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CRLCRRLL

And for booking contact: booking@carlcarrell.com

Do not forget to check out his website at www.crlcrrll.com

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