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Baby Bash Live in Denver June 20th

Baby Bash Live in Denver


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Rapper Baby Bash is one of the most sought-out producers and writers in the game with his rap, reggae and Latin style music. Baby Bash has had numerous singles that have made him quite the artist. Baby Bash will be making a recurring appearance in Denver this Saturday June 20th, 2015 at The Roxy Theatre. He’ll be bringing his feel good music to Colorado. I imagine Baby Bash loves coming to the mile high to get high with all his loving Colorado.
Baby Bash definitely brings a strong style of rap with having gotten his start with Dope House Records, under the name Baby Beesh. Apparently he called himself Baby Beesh because he drove a Mitsubishi. While under Dope House Records Baby Bash appeared on albums with guest appearances by South Park Mexican, SPM and Mr.Shadow. Eventually Bash got recognized by his first major label Universal Records and released his album ‘Than Smokin’ Label’ which debuted at number 48 on the billboard 200. Five months after the album being released the album was certified Gold by the RIAA. Baby Bash was able to become a quick favorite with fans.
In 2007 Baby Bash released his album Cyclone. Cyclone is probably Bash’s most popular song to date. I remember having that song on repeat all the time and don’t even lie you were trying to “move your body like a cyclone” too. The song features T-Pain. And it doesn’t stop there with working with great artists he’s penned tracks for Flo Rida and Plie’s. He’s collaborated with Carlos Santana, Jennifer Lopez, Pimp C and Nate Dogg. Baby Bash even released a few hits with Pitbull “Girls Gone Wild” and “Outta Control”. They had a super hot tour in 2008. Baby Bash is always keeping his music fresh and having a good time if you check out his Instagram @BabyBash.
Also performing at the concert includes So Real, Dank 1, Hood Famouz and Sounds by Simes Carter. Some of these artists are from Colorado and are on that grind. So be nice when they try to offer you there mixtapes that are “on fire”.
I’ve been to a few Baby Bash concerts in the past and they’re always really fun. So if you want to get turned up with Baby Bash go check it out.

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