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Chance the Rapper – Teens in the Park

Chance the Rapper – Teens in the Park


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With so much going on in the world today, and a lot of it being negative, those who suffer the most are today’s youth. It’s interesting how much music can impact a person’s life. I say this because I have seen it first hand. Not too long ago I was invited to speak to an alternative school, one that caters to ‘at risk youth.’ We started off by me telling them about myself, my college experience, my day job, and my career as a DJ. I pretty much gave them a gist of ‘DJ Nuñez.’ Then a quick Q&A, and afterwards, we stepped into the cafeteria and had a little ‘party’ where I djed for them and they got to just hang out and even come watch as I did my thing behind the turntables. It’s amazing to see kids that are usually unmotivated and don’t really participate in much go all out and have fun when music is incorporated into something in their life.

Chance the Rapper is taking the concept of reaching out to today’s youth and making a whole event out of it. The Chicago rapper is curating a festival that is just for teens. This festival is actually called, Teens in the Park. The festival will be held in the open field at Northerly Island in Chicago on June 24th.

Attendees will be able to see a good show and catch performances from artists like DLow and Donnie Trumpet, and of course others as chosen by Chance himself. Other activities will be held in tents throughout which will consist of letting kids try out graffiti, break-dancing and other hands on activities. These activities will be hosted by The Art Institute and Donda’s House.

Chance seems to be passionate about reaching out to the youth as he’s no stranger in putting on events just for teens. Not to long ago, Chance organized an open mic night for teens and high school students. At this particular event, Kanye West showed up and performed “U Mad” with Vic Mensa.

It’s great to see that we have stars and celebrities taking an interest in reaching out to today’s youth, they are after all the future, and we are the one’s molding them. If you are a teen (or an adult chaperone) in the Chicago area during this time, you can register here to attend.

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