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Future Drops – ‘News or Somethn’

Future Drops‘News or Somethn’

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This week Future dropped his newest song ‘News or Somethn’. It is the perfect song for your laid back summer days. The song was released in the slew of Future’s #MonsterMonday campaign.
A lot of people use to think of Future as a one hit wonder. Yet he’s proved them wrong, releasing hit after hit. Future has released F*** up some commas, Move That Doh which features Pharrel and Pusha T and I Won which features Kanye West. All songs that make you feel turnt up right away.
As far as the song goes, it is so fire. The song is one of those softer rap songs which is really good for chilling. The rap starts with “Bright lights shining all bright on the Bentely work the Cadillac panoramic, no panties old school chevy ’55 granddaddy.” Which is just a description of what he sees going on in Atlanta. I get this feeling that he is addressing himself because he spits “I just wanna see you happy, I just wanna see you happy” but before that he says “Hope you wouldn’t turn your back on your family” It just gives a vibe that he is giving himself advice. In the hook Future is talking to some girl “Nothing but a bad b***** in some red bottoms, Where ya’ man at? Heard that the feds got em” Which is just a reminder that he’s talking about the ghetto which he was around. It must of been thug life as well because he goes on to say “I see ya crew still reppin’ thru the West side.” Then says it’s crazy by using a metaphor of the full moon and wolves. Then he addresses no one snitches “The Police wanna talk, but we won’t say nothing/True to these clip n***** won’t say nothing. The best line of the song probably because it gives more energy is “We better hear bout this **** on the news or something”
Future’s rhymes are one of kind for sure. Not sure if there will be more songs released in the #MonsterMonday deal or not but we hope there is.

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