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Hip Hop Madness 2016 Brings The Heat In Northern Colorado

Hip Hop Madness 2016 Brings The Heat In Northern Colorado

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I don’t know about you guys, but this is usually the busiest time of year for me. This because a team of about 15 people, including myself spend about a good six months planning every single detail of the event up to the big day.
Hip Hop Madness has grown into one of the biggest family-friendly, higher-education promoting, free events in Northern Colorado. It however did not start out that way. No Hip Hop Madness started in a library by Librarian Amy Ortiz, who wanted to find a way to reach the kids who were ending up in gangs and inspire them to pursue something better with their future. What better way to catch the attention of the Youth other than Hip-Hop. The first Hip Hop Madness 9 years ago brought in about 10 people. As the years have passed that number has grown to a whopping 800+ people who all shared a passion for Hip Hop culture, regardless if it was B-Boy/B-Girl Dancing, Graffiti, Rapping, or DJing/Turntablism. The event has grown so big in fact that now it will be taking place at The University of Northern Colorado Recreation Center because how else can you inspire kids to go to college without being there first opportunity to see what a college campus looks like.
This Saturday, March 26th, 2016 Hip Hop Madness brought to you by the Colorado Dance Collective will be making it’s hottest comeback yet. For the first time ever there is a limited opportunity to take Hip Hop dance classes with Greeley’s finest instructors Alicia Viezcas and Armando Silva from The Colorado Dance Collective, Starrla Trevino and Judon Alirez from Top Notch and Denver’s own Kayla Scott from COhe. After 3 hours of learning some dope moves that could be used to win the Dance Battle later in the night. There will be a break where people can go check out The De-Rail Gallery show at The Train Station which features two of Hip Hop Madness’ own Zach ‘Slive’ Keiss and Aaron Best who will be showing off some of their dope graffiti pieces.
When the UNC Rec Center is prepped at 5:00pm that’s when the magic happens the doors open, the DJ turns on the tunes, free pizza is served and there is an opportunity to sign up for free scholarships/giveaways and enjoy a series of activities.
At 7:00pm the fans make their way onto the bleachers, the lights get low and The Madness officially begins with a series of performances. The Hottest Colorado Hip Hop Dance crews taking the stage during the night include The Colorado Dance Collective, Top Notch Dance, Dance Factory, A Dance Place, COhe, Machine Remainz and The Untouchables aka The Boys & Girls Club of Weld County. Special guest Audacious Adi, who’s been featured on MTV News as the 12 year old who’s bringing popping and locking back, will also be making a guest appearance. Somewhere between all the dance craze Greeley’s own rappers Boo~G and Steelo Bass from Bass Music will be blowing up the stage. The DJ’s keeping the music flowing throughout the night includes The Prince KG and DJ Runnin With Jesus. Also Greeley’s own professional performing painter “Artmando” Armando Silva who’s know for painting some of Hip Hop’s finest like Biggie upside down will be doing a live piece sometime during the night.
It’s ultimately a fun experience for everyone of all ages because not only are there all the dope performances but there are also opportunities to join in on the cypher open to who ever thinks they got the skills to hit the floor. I will just say if you enjoy Hip Hop you will enjoy Hip Hop Madness 2016.
Hip Hop Madness takes place March 26th, 2016 at the University of Northern Colorado Recreation Center in Greeley, Colorado. For more information check out the Hip Hop Madness Facebook page www.Facebook.com/HipHopMadness


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