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Kimye expecting baby #2

Kimye expecting baby #2
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Rapper Kanye West is expecting a new baby in December with his reality star wife Kim Kardashian according to E! News. Kim announced the news in her new preview for Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Just curious if anyone else is surprised by the fact that Kim wanted another baby after having her daughter North. Kim was completely miserable the whole time and she refused to come out of the house because of the baby weight she gained. I guess after having North she realized the joys of having a child or maybe Kanye was the one to push her into having a bigger family. Not too sure, but one thing we do know is that Kanye and Kim produce cute kids. Seriously, have you seen North she has a better wardrobe than most of us.

This pregnancy was long awaited though, because Kim experienced a  series of issues that made it seem impossible to get pregnant again. There have been reports that this may be her last child because after having North the placenta didn’t detach from her uterus (Ewww). She did have it cleaned out, but if it happens again her uterus will have to be removed otherwise she will have a series of medical problems. Besides that her doctor told her she was trying to often with Kanye if you know what we mean. After such complications you can say Kim and Kanye feel pretty blessed that they are expecting a new bundle of joy.

Now for everyone else we have already started with baby names. Such as South West or how about East West. I’m pretty sure there kid would look great in some South West Airline commercials. I am really rooting for them to have a boy because you know how cute it would to see baby west rap alongside dad Kanye someday.

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