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Meek Mill has “All Eyes on” Nicki Minaj in New Music Video

Meek Mill has “All Eyes on” Nicki Minaj in New Music Video
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Meek Mill finally drops the music video for his hottest single of Summer “All Eyes On You” featuring girlfriend Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown. Three of singles on his album ‘Dreams Worth More Than Money’ are devoted to his love with his sweetheart Nicki Minaj, so it’s no surprise that the video shows the couple all over the each over. Which it is a nice change to see two rappers share their love for each other instead of fifty girls twerking with hardly any clothes on.
The video starts off with a nice pool setting which is perfect for Summer. It starts with Chris Brown singing by himself in the corner. Probably didn’t want to get too close to the frisky happy couple. The luxurious house reminds me of some of Niki’s older videos with Lil Wayne. This is most likely the girl equivalent of having nice cars. Then of course we find Nicki sporting her assets in the swimming pool in a bikini and on the couch with gold heels on. Definitely keeping up her style as a bad bi**h. The Next part gives me two questions why does Meek Mill brush his hair with a hair brush and where can I get Nicki Minaj’s towel dress (Super cute)?
Just curious because I’m getting this vibe that Nicki Minaj is wearing the pants in the relationship. I mean eventually she is brushing Meek Mill’s hair and in reality they’re on her The Prink Print Tour. Kind of feel like Meek Mill decided to ride the fame train with Nicki Minaj. If he is the lower one in the relationship, it would explain why he was throwing shade at Drake because he was feeling insecure. Anyway the rest of the video is super lovey-dubby there all kissing and riding around together on one of those new Uwheels.
Hopefully their relationship works out otherwise this video will be pretty awkward later on. So take time to enjoy the new music video “All Eyes On You” and maybe check out the couple kissing in real life when the Pink Tour comes to Denver August 11th at the Pepsi Center.

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