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Meek Mill releases ‘Dreams Worth More Than Money’

Meek Mill releases ‘Dreams Worth More Than Money’

Were you ready for Meek Mill’s most week anticipated album ‘Dreams Worth More Than More’? Because the album is pure quality. Meek Mill managed the summer sizzle by releasing ‘Dreams Worth More Than Money’ on iTunes a day earlier than anticipated to follow up with his hot BET Award performance with his hip-hop queen Niki Minaj (she’s on the album too).
While you’re streaming the album on your new Apple Music app we are going to break down the album song by song because that’s how fresh it is. The first song in the mix is ‘Lord Knows’. It starts off with “All I wanted was new Mercedes” Which really sets a tone for the whole album that he is talking about himself. ‘Lord Knows’ is about how the Lord only knows how he was able to start with nothing and go up to making a lot of money. The second song ‘Classic’ features Swizz Beats & Jeremiah has this really nice piano beat. Meek Mill is rapping his typical stuff “The money turns your b**** into a gold digger”. ‘Classic’ is just a reflection of Meek’s life around people.
Up next is ‘Jump Out the Face’ featuring Future. It’s a very flowing song Mill and Future hardly even breathe between verses. ‘Jump Out the Face’ is about how they aren’t scared of nothing and they are rich enough to jump from one thing to another effortlessly. Then there’s “All Eyes On You’ featuring Chris Brown and Mill’s lady Niki Minaj. Have you seen Meek Mill and Niki Minaj their relationship goals so it would be short to say this song is about Niki. Especially when he spits “we was countin’ the money, lovin’ the feelin'” I love when Niki sings “All them hoes, ain’t nothin’ like them” She knows she’s some hot shizz. Another hot song is The Trillest it has this chorus that just sounds really dope. Now we know you don’t get Niki without Drake. He’s featured on the next song “R.I.C.O” Drake and Meek Mill make a good combo when they’re both singing about starting from the bottom and now they made it. The baddest song on the album is ‘Bad for you’ Niki comes to singing about how she wants to be Mill’s bad girl and he sings about how he’s changed and can commit to her. Niki and Meek are seriously the best rap couple.
We could be here all day talking about how fire the tracks are on this album, but to sup up the rest you see features from The Weekend, Rick Ross and Diddy. Meek Mill definitely killed it with this album. Make sure to check him out on Instagram @MeekMill and have you seen his new game Meek Mill presents Bike Life. Enjoy your summer day turning up to Meek Mill.

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