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Menace II Society 22 Years Later

Menace II Society 22 Years Later
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Do you remember watching Menace II Society? Don’t feel old, but Menace II Society was released 22 years ago, on the big screen. The film features Tyrin Turner, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Larenz Tate and Samuel L. Jackson. Menace is an American hood film directed by Allen and Albert Hughes which opens up viewer’s eyes up to the hood-life violence that actually takes place.

In the movie 18-year-old Caine Lawson has grown up in the hood and is now trying to find a way out. He has a series of issues that get in his way, including his gang past, impending murder charges and a possible baby mama. Caine never ends up making it to where the grass is greener because the odds end up being against him. Which was an honest representation of what would happen to someone who grew up in the hood L.A. during the 90’s.

Menace II Society made a rather large impact throughout the last 22 years. There have been a series of rappers who have been impacted by the film. Gucci Mane has a verse Like O-Dog, “Menace II Society”  in the song dog which is dedicated to Cain’s best friend Kevin “O-dog” Anderson. Kendrick Lamar says that even though he was in elementary school when it came out it made an impact on his life. He said that Caine reminded him of the people he grew up around and of the environment he grew up in being from South Central L.A.. Lil Wayne references the movie in his song “I Like the View” in the verse we weren’t from Boyz to Menace, Menace II Society. The film is definitely a staple in showing the sort of gang activity that affects everyone.

Something you may have known about the movie was Tupac Shakur was suppose to play Sharif, but he was fired by director Allen Hughes for causing trouble on the set. If that wasn’t bad enough six months later Tupac assaulted the director and was charged with assault and battery.

The film made the top ten movie list in 1993 and is still a common move among people today because it has a theme of gang violence that we can all relate to. What other hip-hop movies do you respect?

Here are some of our favorite joints off the soundtrack:


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