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Off of his upcoming album, At.Long.Last.A$AP, A$AP Rocky drops a new song and a video. The track is called “LSD” and the visuals to the track fit almost perfectly to the song title. Director Dexter Navy did a great job incorporating trippy visuals to accompany Rocky’s dreamy and harmonic vocals.

The colors and camera movements are very disorienting throughout. We see Rocky wandering as if not having anywhere to go in a wold that seems to be in a “liquid” state. At one point in the video, we melt into his mind, so to speak, in which we get to see the more coherent Rocky. Perhaps symbolizing that Rocky is lost in his own mind and having issues in his own outward expression. In the break-down, the opening line is “excuse me Mr. bill collector, I got problems…” In a way, showcasing the struggles and stresses of everyday life, or at least the “struggles” Rocky faces.

And just as we were invited into his coherent mind, we get exported back to the “liquid” state. At this point the woman that he was courting throughout the video disappears. Rocky seems to be experimental with this track. Not only with the song but with the music video as well.

RollingStone states that in a recent interview, (here) “Rocky discussed the greater artistic freedom he felt with the new album. “Last time I was more concerned, subconsciously, with doing something mainstream,” he said. “Once I did that, I not only proved to the world but to myself that I could do anything that I wanted.” Rocky also talked about his drug use: “It helps me cope with life. I’ve been doing this stuff since I got into the industry. People are scared to talk about it.” As for psychedelics, in particular, he says they’re a suitable match for his life.”It’s trippy. My art, my visuals. Very trippy,” he said.”

The visuals and vocals certainly seem to be experimental for Rocky, and going off his drug use, this song and video are reflective of his lifestyle. He repeatedly says “I’m not into making love songs…” which could suggest that this song is a “love song” for the drug, one of the things that helps him cope with life. We’re interested to see what other projects he has coming up with this album. For now we’ve marked the calendar for June 2nd when  At.Long.Last.A$AP is set to release.

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