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Wu-Tang Forever Released 18 Years Ago

Wu-Tang Forever Released 18 Years Ago
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Doesn’t it seem like yesterday when you were in your whip getting crunk to some Wu-Tang? On a summer day like today in 1997 only four years after releasing their debut album, “Enter the Wu-Tang” Wu-Tang dropped a new album called Wu-Tang Forever. The album is a 27-track double disk that still remains the New York-Based-Hip-Hop collective’s best selling album to date. The album is the second studio album released by the group on Loud/RCA Records.

Wu-Tang Forever was released after a series of proving solo projects from various artists that were a part of the Wu-Tang clan/ The album had very limited radio/Tv airplay and a song that very famously clocked at six minutes with no chorus. Besides these defeats Wu-Tang Forever managed to climb its way all the to number one on the billboard 200 by selling 612,000 copies in its first week of being released. In October of America (RIAA) certified album 4x Platinum. Wu-Tang Forever is the group’s highest selling album to date. In the following year the Wu-Tang clan was nominated for Best Rap Album at the Grammy’s.

Some of the songs featured on the album include “It’s Yourz” which was later sampled on Drake’s “Nothing Was The Same” which shows how much the Wu-Tang clan had an impact on Hip-Hop culture. It also features their lead single “Triumph” where Ol Dirty Bastard raps “Wu Tang Is Here Forever” It’s difficult to limit the album to its best songs because none of them really suck which is surprising for an album that is so big, but some of them include “Reunited”, “Cash Still Rules/Scary Rules” and “The Projects”.

When the album came out it got nothing but positive reviews from music critics. Rolling Stone described the album’s lyrics as “hauntingly descriptive tales of ghetto hustler’s and victims” which was kind of their way of criticizing the Wu-tang was rapping about their lives in the hood. A lot of other people said that the album had very unique hardcore rhymes and beats. Wu-Tang most certainly continues to be one of the Hip-Hop groups today. If you’re not a Wu-Tang fan, you probably know one because that’s how big their fan base is.

Here are some of our favorite joints:

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